Cognitive Integrated Tasking


With autonomous and self-learning 'course of action' recommendation that delivers effective decision making measured in seconds, not hours.


Selection and deployment of the correct asset to the correct threat has been a requirement of every battlefield commander since modern conflicts began.

We are building on our deep expertise in battlefield management to provide cognitive, reactive, real-time course of action generation engines.

These systems will see all available assets across every domain and help users select the most effective response options using the most appropriate platforms, every time.

Leveraging our market leading expertise

EO/IR Heads

Developing enhanced capabilities

Battlespace Action Recommendation Systems

Battlespace Action Recommendation Systems

Leveraging state-of-the-art reinforcement learning algorithms to power AI agents that simulate battlefield scenarios and provide course of action recommendations

Containerized microservice software

Containerized microservice software

Advanced containerized microservice software components displaying fused hierarchical data representations of complex platforms

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