Protecting our planet and society

Protecting our planet includes both reducing our environmental footprint but also protecting the societies and world that we live in.

The increase of near peer threats is amplifying the need for allied defence investments in the ‘five-eyes’ nations and Ultra is a key part in creating the technologies that keep us all safe.

Climate change is one of the biggest threats to our modern world. Defence will play a key part in responding to emerging geo-political and conflict -related threats exacerbated by climate change but Defence also needs to embrace the green energy transition to ensure that as an industry we are best placed to protect our citizens. Environmental sustainability is therefore a growing and vital part of Ultra’s sustainability strategy.

Ultra is committed to continuous improvement in our environmental performance and compliance with all environmental laws. We aspire to minimise our environmental footprint by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, decreasing waste, and limiting excess energy and water use at our sites.

Ultra’s established environmental policy addresses compliance with environmental legislation, conformity with standards for waste disposal and noise, the economical use of materials and the establishment of appropriate environmental performance standards. Progress is monitored through annual reporting. Ultra is moving towards a global ISO 14001 accreditation unifying our environmental management system across our businesses.


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