Sustainability reports

Yearly reports and Sustainability resources

At Ultra we partner with our customers, applying technology and innovation, to allow them to solve mission critical problems that protect the societies in which we live and make the world a safer place. This is why we exist – to innovate today for a safer tomorrow.

Ultra as a Positive Force

We believe that sustainability is key for all our stakeholders and is therefore core to what we are trying to deliver.

To highlight the importance in our decision making of the impact on our workplace and the environment, we developed our ‘Positive Force’ sustainability plan which delivers for each of our stakeholders.


Ultra is fundamental to ESG

 Ultra, and the defence industry in general, play a vital role in protecting the environmental, social, and governance standards that societies demand. Nuclear power generation and safety and control solutions are necessary elements of a carbon neutral future, and our ballistic solutions are the bedrock of solving gun crime around the world.

Through our passionate and dedicated employees, and focusing on corporate responsibility at every level of our organization we ensure we are fulfilling our mission to ‘Innovate today for a safer tomorrow’.

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