Cognitive Integrated Intelligence


By combining and leveraging a universe of data to help you identify the next threat, no matter how quickly it appears.


In a world that demands permanent online connections, the battlespace is no exception.

To keep pace with the growing threats posed by adversaries, we are developing advanced adaptive algorithms that will provide a step-change in data and communication resilience.

WIth networks that can respond to threats instantly and autonomously, Cognitive Integrated Communications will ensure our users are never without the information they need to operate effectively.

Leveraging our market leading expertise

Next Generation Surface Search Radar (NGSSR)

Developing enhanced capabilities

Multi-source data fusion

Multi-source data fusion

Intelligent multi-source data fusion via a single unified display allows users to quickly and seamlessly interrogate situations and environments

'Pattern of life' anomaly detection

'Pattern of life' anomaly detection

AI/ML driven 'pattern of life' detection for multi-domain geospatial data provides users with immediate indicators of anomalous activity

Intelligent transmitter algorithms

Intelligent transmitter algorithms

Intelligent transmitter algorthims at the tactical edge will manage power scaling to reduce electromagnetic signatures, automate rerouting and/or frequency switching

Advanced periscope detection

Advanced periscope detection

Long range periscope detection systems leverage millimetric advanced multimode RADAR and AI/ML techniques to spot even the smallest sign of activity

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