Key shareholders

The Company’s issued share capital consists of 71,724,409 ordinary shares with a nominal value of 5.0 pence each (“Ordinary Shares”), each share having equal voting rights.

At 20 April 2022 the following interests of shareholders in excess of 3%, have been notified to the Company.

Holder % Holding % Cumulative Holding
Bank of New York stocklending collateral account 10.66 10.66
JPMorgan Securities CREST transition account 7.22 17.88
Goldman Sachs as marketmaker 5.57 23.45
BlackRock 4.65 28.10
UBS collateral account 4.51 32.61
Vanguard Group 4.47 37.09
Citigroup as principal 3.77 40.86
Bank of America Merrill Lynch International collateral account 3.59 44.45
MFS Investment Management 3.00 47.46


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