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For a world where nuclear technology fulfils its full potential, we maintain the safety of nuclear facilities and maximise the lifetime value they deliver

Organisations working with nuclear technologies have a responsibility to safeguard people, the environment and infrastructure.

Ultra Energy provides customers with solutions that give complete, long-term protection and control of safety critical systems, while helping them increase the value derived from nuclear facilities over their managed lifespan.

Our customers are striving to develop and launch advanced nuclear reactors. They build traditional reactors to deliver more power at a lower cost and work to extend the life of existing reactors to deliver energy security. They’re also responsible for managing the lifecycle of nuclear material to maximise its value while removing risk.

We’ve worked with nuclear customers for over 60 years. We’re embedded in national infrastructure, supporting long-term continuous operation of nuclear sites with protection and control solutions that monitor and control radiation, neutrons, temperature, pressure and entire reactors.

Our ability to ensure the safety of mission critical systems in the nuclear industry is recognised in other industries that require systems capable of operating in extremely harsh environments. Our safety solutions are used across a broad range of applications in aviation, space and factories.

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Our North America office: 

Call us on+1 512-434-2800

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707 Jeffrey Way
P.O. Box 300
Round Rock, Texas


Our UK office: 

Call us on +44 1202 850 450

Write to us at:

Innovation House
Lancaster Road
Dorset, BH21 7SQ

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