Rapid Application of Information (RAIN)

The right information, to the right people, at the right time.

Introducing Rapid Application of Information (RAIN)

Rapid Application of Information (RAIN) provides decision quality data at the speed and scale of machines. Using operator-defined parameters, the RAIN system continually monitors, retrieves, normalizes, and correlates relevant multi-INT data from across the National Intelligence community, ISR sensors, public/open source data, and radar.


The information access challenge

Operators and analysts whose mission requires them to provide rapid and complete combat identification information are overwhelmed by the volumes of data to sift through, and do not have access to a wealth of data available at all relevant classification levels. Many of today’s systems push limited information based on pre-established rule sets, and do not allow for the operator to query based on their own real-time, dynamic requirements. Operators require persistent, longer range, wider area and more complete data.

AI/ML-powered data fusion

Operators and analysts spend up to 80% of their time sorting through data, and 20% of the time deciding and acting. RAIN’s AI/ML engine reverses this paradigm by continually monitoring and harvesting relevant data and providing it on an as needed basis either or both through a pub/sub or direct query method. RAIN pulls data from three classification domains based on operator defined parameters and requirements, applies AI/ML, advanced analytics, and tradecraft to make sense of the data, then alerts operators for action – all in a fraction of the time performed today. Overall operator cognitive workload and the Sense, Make Sense, Act loop is significantly reduced.

Multi-domain, multi-source ISR

RAIN works across all warfighting domains: Air, Land, Surface, Subsurface, Cyber, Space. Because it is operator-defined and mission focused, RAIN allows the operator to get the information they need, when and how they need it, rather than sifting through enormous quantities of unfiltered/uncorrelated data. A game changer for decision makers because it opens an entirely new information advantage dynamic. Threats are identified more quickly, and more proactive response actions are enabled.

Accurate and timely data improves mission effectiveness

RAIN provides timely, accurate, and complete data for situational awareness, direct support, and combat identification. RAIN is capable of handling exponentially more source data than humans can to provide operators, analysts, and decision makers with decision-level data at the speed and scale of machines. RAIN provides more accurate data by applying all available source object data combining richer, less accurate national-level data with more precise theater and tactical-level sensor data.

Enhanced data pedigree and provenance

Unlike other systems that attempt near-real-time multi-source data to enhance situational awareness and combat identification, RAIN provides data pedigree and provenance to operators and analysts to enable trust and validation of the information received. For each track RAIN provides, the operator can quickly verify and validate the source(s) used to develop the track (pedigree), and quickly see what data was used to change, amplify, and update the track (provenance). An operator/analyst can quickly see that RAIN took the same steps and used the same methods they would have if done manually.

A perfect complement to ADSI

RAIN perfectly complements ADSI, the most interoperable, real-time, tactical command, control and intelligence system offered anywhere. RAIN augments ADSI’s TacViewC2 display by providing even higher quality information assurance and a more complete C4ISR picture. Depending upon the mission of the RAIN operator, they can either send tracks to an ADSI operator for further dissemination or send directly to a tactical datalink. RAIN can also be used with third-party C2 solutions.

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