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The ORION radio system is a software-defined, multi-channel, multi-band, MIMO radio platform that provides a Unified Heterogeneous Wireless Network (HetNet) capable of supporting a diversity of user requirements and resilient network operations in contested and congested environments. Providing fixed and mobile communications across multiple echelons, the ORION combines exceptional operational flexibility and interoperability in a small form factor.  

Our ORION radio system enhances the communications capabilities of military units by providing higher levels of data throughput at extended ranges, including critical areas at the tactical edge via military mesh networks. With increased deployment of advanced sensors, voice, data and video applications within the armed forces, on-demand access to a secure and resilient communications network is a critical operational requirement.


The X500 is a series of high-capacity multi-mission, multi-channel, line-of-sight radios that offer up to 1 Gbps throughput. It greatly reduces total cost of ownership with 3 radios in 1. Ultra I&C ORION X500 radios can support 2 PTP links or a mix of PTP, PMP and mesh for a total of 2 software-defined radio channels. The third channel is a secure 802.11 or LTE access.

Each channel can be encrypted internally or use an external encryption device. The radios operate in the NATO Band 3 (L-band), 3+ (S-band) & 4 (C-band), and NII/ISM frequency bands as well as in selected LTE bands, giving it spectrum flexibility and a cross-band capability. They can operate simultaneously in multiple bands, offers a large portfolio of tactical waveforms, best-in-class ECCM protection and jamming resilience in a military mesh network.

ORION tactical radios form the communications backbone for programs like U.S. TRILOS.

The X500 radios feature a secure and intuitive graphical user interface, MIMO technology and fully ruggedized enclosures (MIL-STD-810G/461F & IP67). The X500 series is interoperable with the AN/GRC-245 HCLOS radio, facilitating the extension of the IP network to the lower echelons and to ISR assets.



The X510 is a compact broadband IP radio ideal for rapidly deployed forces. It provides two channels of high-capacity communications. The X510 operates in point-to-point (PTP), base/remote point-to-multipoint (PMP) or mesh. It permits real-time exchange of multiparty HD video and ISR data. This quick deployment communications solution is powered by our highly intuitive graphical user interface.

The X510 reduces the size, weight and power (SWaP) requirements of a system by supporting multiple channels and frequency bands in a single box. It can be deployed with various combinations of omnidirectional, sectorial or directional antennas. The radios can operate in multiple NATO bands (Band 3, 3+ or 4 i.e. L, S or C-band) with the software-defined radio (SDR) channel as well as a supporting a high power ISM (HPI) or LTE user equipment (UE) mode in a second channel. This permits secure local access, long range high power point-to-point (PTP) links in unlicensed bands, wireless relay bridge between two outstations and remote control of the radio. The X510 is fully interoperable with ORION X500 tri-channel radios.

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