Human Machine Interface (HMI)

Our Human Machine Interface (HMI) capability has been designed to provide modern, lightweight and portable solutions for our warfighters, providing a tactical edge in the battlespace. Enabling control systems to interface effectively with the brigade as well as individual mission assets, they are designed to offer a simple, cost-effective solution that requires little training and reliability first time, every time.

Displacement joysticks

Our Hall Effect Miniature joysticks offer true non-contact sensing functionality for improved reliability and enhanced performance.

  • Series 5100: The first micro Hall Effect joystick offers the smallest available package with ideal user feedback for fine motor control. Through innovations to reduce size, weight and power, this compact joystick leverages our non-contact sensing design to maintain reliability and performance to military specifications.
  • Series 520: Single axis functionality with spring return to centre and molded plastic construction
  • Series 521: Our most versatile joystick offering smooth, low friction 2 axis control with options for both pushbutton and z axis functionality
  • Series 523: Single axis control with spring return to centre or stay in place functionality. Ideal for throttle applications
  • Series 531: Heavy duty, 2 axis control with all metal, sealed construction. Available with direction or limit switch options and push button functionality



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Force joysticks

When precision and fine control are required, the force joystick often provides the ideal functionality. Though a force joystick may barely seem like it's moving to an operator, the applied force is translated to a voltage signal output using our strain gauge technology. We have been perfecting the force joystick since its invention and, as a result, produces the most precise and reliable Miniature joysticks available for applications including: precision camera control sensor and FLIR control, tracking and positioning systems, cursor control, including flight worthy. Our force joystick offering provides options based on size, output and mounting. Force joystick functionality may be incorporated into any of our grip styles as either a component within the grip or as a function of the grip itself.

  • Series 462 - The standard for miniature force joystick performance in a compact design offering high reliability and performance for Commercial/Industrial applications
  • Series 465 - Mid-grade military performance for applications where heat and humidity are not significant concerns. Designed to meet MIL-STD-202 requirements
  • Series 467 - Heavy Industrial grade performance with resistance to heat and humidity as well as airborne gasses and solids
  • Series 469 - A lighter duty joystick intended for more information controlled environments while still providing performance and durability with sealed construction within a brass casing
  • Series 470 - Fully ruggedized and hermetically sealed for the most severe military applications. Designed to meet humidity requirements of MIL-STD810 and sealing requirements of MIL-STD-202


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Joystick accessories

We offer a variety of knobs and hat designs to suit finger and hand operation of our joysticks. Our selection supports gloved operation, frequency of use and customer preferences. For additional options, please contact us.



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Hand controls

Our hand controls couple our broad offering of grips with our high-performance joystick technologies for the best possible performance. Our patented technology enhances both performance and reliability.

Features include:

  • A wide variety of form factors including traditional Gunner and Commander controls as well as lightweight, handheld solutions
  • Battle-proven performance that withstands not only documented specification requirements, but also real-life wear and tear
  • Fully customisable solutions from the HMI experts to meet customer application needs
  • Continuous design and innovation to meet changing operational needs as well as enhanced human factors required for military operators in theatre
  • The support and service needed to achieve program milestones, meet technical requirements and to sustain the program through after-market maintenance and repair


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Control grips

We are the leading provider of control grips to defence and Prime contractors all over the world. Designed to withstand the toughest environmental conditions encountered in theatre and elsewhere, our customisable control grips often solve the application challenges customers frequently face and are rooted engineering excellence.

  • The largest available library of grip shapes and sizes with thumb, pinky and trigger positions supported.
  • Control grips designed for left-hand, right-hand and ambidextrous applications.
  • Designs conforming to Mil Standards 810F for performance and 1472D for Human Factors.
  • Designs incorporating up to 9 HMI devices (various switches, joysticks and triggers).
  • Fully customisable solutions based on proven designs and engineering excellence.
  • Rugged and sealed designs that withstand harsh environments, over-use and abuse.
  • Comprehensive repair and upgrade services.


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Soldier portable controls

The warfighter today has to be ready to take immediate and appropriate action at the tactical edge and he or she requires the control systems to interface effectively with the brigade as well as individual mission assets whether those are manned or unmanned vehicles, weapon systems, ISR or SA systems including UAVs and unattended sensors as well as networked communications.

Our control system reduces training time and has become an ideal controller for the teleoperation of everything from UAVs and UGVs to payloads on border security systems.

Freedom of Movement Control Unit (FMCU™)

The preferred hand-held control system for the US Army and Marines with deployment on platforms including Fire Scout, Gladiator and GBOSS. With its modular LCD, the FMCU provides the versatility many platforms demand and offers a solution to the problems and complaints associated with heads up displays. This lightweight controller is fully customisable and programmable providing the greatest concentration of HMI that we currently offer.

Tactical Edge Controller

This provides a true portable command and control unit. The Tactical Edge Controller offers portable battle command that is platform agnostic supporting full networked operations by integrating communications, ISR and control of mission assets including UAVs, UGVs, unattended sensors and teleoperation of vehicle and weapon systems. All of this is accomplished through secure, networked communications links.

Single Hand ControllerTM (SHC)

The Single Hand Controller brings new levels of performance and operation to the soldier in the field. The SHC is compact and light weight requiring only one hand for operation. A unique ambidextrous design further reduces operator workload. The SHC contains high reliability switches and joystick in a rugged sealed enclosure capable of operation in any environment. USB 2.0 interface ensures compatibility with both COTS and Military operating systems. Programmable Joystick, wide selection of switch functions and available LED indicators simplify platform integration. The Single Hand Controller is an ideal control solution for UAVs, UGVs, USVs, unattended sensors, and weapon systems.


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