Combat systems equipment

Defending and securing through our world-leading systems.

To protect our nation and allied navies, our defence solutions enable operational advantage and a tactical edge in the ever-evolving threat landscape. From sensors to integrated mission solutions, our systems and technologies are established on air, land and sea domains worldwide.

Ships Navigation and Data Distribution Systems

Our Navigation Data Distribution Systems have been designed specifically for the maritime environment and especially suited to naval combatant applications where prioritised and timely provision of low latency data is vital for accurate deployment of weapons.

Ship navigation and data distribution systems

These systems are suitable for each new platform builds as well as Ship modernisation/ refurbishment programmes where there is a necessity to integrate legacy interfaces (for example, Synchro’s, D3 Data bus etc.) to new combat management systems/sensors. 

The Navigation Data Distribution System monitors and processes data from navigation and meteorological sensors (e.g. gyro compass, speed log, anemometer etc.) for distribution to the combat management system, stabilisers, sensors and weapons.

Combat Management Systems – OSIRIS

OSIRIS® is a proven in-service combat and integrated mission solution which offers operational capability for navies and coastguards worldwide. 

Combat Management Systems OSIRIS

A highly capable, cost-effective capability which is both modular and scalable enabling effective and seamless integration of the Ships weapon systems, sensors, ESM, IFF, decoys, tactical datalinks and navigation & meteorological information. OSIRIS® software provides precise real-time situational awareness, threat evaluation, combat command and control and mission planning via user friendly multi-function consoles, minimising crew overload and maximising operational effectiveness.


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Electro-Optic Situational Awareness and Fire Control Systems

We are the UK’s primary supplier of Naval Electro-Optic (EO) Systems used for maritime surveillance, tracking and gunfire control. With over 30 years’ experience in Naval EO, we have supplied over 150 systems to navies and coastguards worldwide, including the UK Royal Navy. 

Electro optic and fire control tracking

 We provide precision, stabilised, EO target tracking for Naval guns of all calibres incorporating gunfire control modes as well as ballistic and lead-in algorithms to counter all surface and air targets, including Naval Gunfire Support (NGFS) requirements in support of Amphibious and Land forces in the Littoral. 

These proven in service systems feature high resolution day and night video performance with extensive levels of automation with minimal operator intervention, simplifying operation throughout all stages of surveillance, detection, acquisition, tracking and engagement.

Shipborne Rolling Vertical Landing – SRVL

SRVL was developed by the UK Ministry of Defence to increase weapon and fuel “Bring Back” capability of the F-35B aircraft during Carrier operations.

Shipborne vertical landing

We have developed and integrated an all-weather, day/night-capable Situation Awareness Aid (SAA) to assist the Landing Signal Officer (LSO) in guiding and making “GO / NO GO” decisions for aircraft executing the SRVL manoeuvre.

By applying our proven electro-optic directors and Ultra developed software to provide glideslope and centreline tracking the Ultra SRVL system increases operational safety, preserves expensive munitions, as F-35B can recover with its unused weapons, and reduces fuel usage, engine wear and flight deck maintenance as the manoeuvre uses less thrust than a vertical landing.

Servo controlled platforms

We have extensive experience of designing and manufacturing high performance servo-controlled platforms and directors for use in many defence applications.

Servo controlled platforms

Our servo solutions are in service in a wide range of land, naval and airborne applications throughout the world.

We offer a full design capability including the use of advanced modelling techniques to optimise servo control and stabilisation.  The use of the latest motor technology, accurate and reliable position reporting sensors and novel control technology ensures that a cost effective, high level of performance is achieved.

Lightweight Vehicle Mounted Turret

Ultra’s Lightweight Vehicle Mounted Turret (LVMT), is a high performance, remotely operated modular turret system, that can carry an array of sensor, gun and missile systems.

LVMT is an in-service system designed for a wide range of mission profiles. Being lightweight, digital and Ethernet enabled, the system is easy to integrate with new or legacy mission systems and platform types.

The system can be supplied with Electro-Optical (EO) sights, Infrared Search and Track (IRST), weapon systems and communications, which can fold flat to minimise the platform profile and to enable air portability. Optionally, LVMT can also be configured with power management, battery monitoring, IRR lighting, smoke dischargers and many other systems.

LVMT is low cost and its designed-in versatility provides an agile platform for current and future mission requirements.

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