Command & control systems

Attain and maintain a 360-degree view of the battlefield.

Our C2 systems provide the data armed forces need to stay one step ahead of enemy combatants in battlefield operations.

Airborne solutions

With nearly 2,000 systems installed worldwide, the combat-proven Air Defense System Integrator (ADSI®) system remains unmatched in its ability to provide certified, reliable, tactical data link forwarding along with a robust C2 capability, now including digital air control. The version 15 ADSI system significantly increases the warfighter’s interoperability with 32 simultaneous and dynamically reconfigurable data links—tested and reliable—with an increased track capacity of 16,000 tracks. Most importantly, the completely revamped user interface greatly improves the entire ADSI user experience, from system configuration to system operation.

Maritime solutions


The Multi-Data Link Management System was developed using the same core data link routing software from the combat proven, joint certified Air Defense Systems Integrator (ADSI)®. Combining our expertise in the maritime battlespace and over 30 years of developing innovative tactical data link solutions, MDLMS is the most advanced data link processor in operation onboard US Navy combatant ships.

With a growing list of customers, including the US Navy Littoral Combat Ship, Korean Destroyer eXperimental (KDX), Royal Saudi Naval Force’s Multi Mission Surface Combatant and various ship classes from the Danish, Canadian and Brazilian navies; MDLMS, and its legacy product the Adjunct Processor, are installed and operational onboard over 150 warships worldwide.


The Virtual Multi-Data Link Management System (vMDLMS) is now available as a software only Virtual Machine (VM). The vMDLMS allows the maritime user the ability to maintain hardware end of life control since the VM is hosted on your own server running VMware® ESXi server. Benefits of virtual machines include automatic failover and switchover, thus essentially eliminating down time with no loss of tactical information.

Several host combat management system interface options are available, including legacy Model 4 (M Series) and Model 5 (N-Series/Link 16) designs. vMDLMS supports all the same interfaces as a standard vADSI, and also adds specialised connections for maritime navigation systems, MIDS on ship terminals and AIS.


For over 25 years we have supported the US Navy in the shore based operations centre and maritime environments. As tactical datalinks evolved, our expertise and combat proven data link processor, the ADSI, was chosen to enhance the US Navy’s Command and Control Processor (C2P) with the ability to conduct Link 22, Satellite TADIL-J and Joint Range Extension Application Protocol (JREAP) Appendix C operations.

Since 2003, we have supplied the US Navy and its FMS customers with the  Common Data Link Management System (CDLMS), Adjunct Processor, allowing Aegis Cruisers and Destroyers, Aircraft carriers, Amphibious Helicopter, Assault/Docking and shore based testing centres the ability to conduct assured over the horizon tactical information exchange. Our maritime tactical data link experience and products are internationally recognised for their combat proven interoperability, reliability and ease of integration with combat management systems.

Maritime surveillance

The Situational Awareness Management System (SAMS) software suite provides the facilities required for the integration, management and control of all aspects of a coastal or port and harbour surveillance system, along with Base and Force surveillance. SAMS provides a scalable, modular and open, service-oriented architecture that delivers a bespoke solution tailored to the individual requirements of the customer. The system delivers a server/client based application which can accommodate as many servers and clients as required. 

The main functional areas of SAMS are:

  • Sensor integration, management and control
  • Radar tracker processing
  • AIS, ADS-B and other transponder tracks
  • Integration and control of electro-optic systems
  • Blue force tracking
  • Sensor track data correlation and fusion
  • Threat evaluation (video analytics, track analytics, pattern of life)
  • Data recording and replay
  • Data partitioning and user access rights
  • Data presentation
  • System configuration
  • System health monitorin

Other Intelligence & Communications solutions

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