Ultra Maritime Canada

Protecting navies and nations from undersea threats

We are world-leaders in the manufacture and supply of sonobuoys and anti-submarine warfare (ASW) processing to navies worldwide.

Since we first began manufacturing in the 1940s, nearly eight million of our sonobuoys have been deployed by the US Navy – and over nine million worldwide, along with the ASW receivers that help to pinpoint enemy submarines.

Driven by the increasing challenge to detect modern, quiet submarines, we have developed multi-static search techniques that ensure mission success in the maritime domain. Our range of Multi-static Active (MSA) acoustics uses patterns of active source and passive receiver sonobuoys, along with advanced signal processing techniques to enhance submarine detection probability and increase area coverage.

Find, Fix, Finish

The past decade has seen a significant shift in global geopolitics. This has coincided with rapid evolutions in submarine technology: new generation nuclear subs can run quieter and deeper, making them much harder to detect.

In other words, our mission has become more important than ever. Our five eyes customers need smarter, better solutions – and they need them in significant volumes, to protect against these growing threats.

‘Find, Fix, Finish’ is the phrase used by service operators, engineers and key customers to describe the process of identifying, targeting and neutralizing enemy threats. It is the foundation of a renewed strategy and a daily reminder of our mission and our priorities:

FIND is about opportunities: understanding and anticipating current and future customers’ needs.

FIX is about capabilities: ensuring the talent, resources and structures are in place to meet those opportunities.

FINISH is about performance: delivering commitments and creating an environment where people feel valued and empowered to do their best work.

The products we make save lives: they help to protect our fleets, our serving men and women and our way of life. It's a mission we should all be proud of and it's why we come to work every day. 


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