Hull-Mounted Sonar (HMS)

Providing the latest innovation in Anti-Submarine Warfare.

Sea Searcher™

Ultra’s Sea Searcher™ is a family of HMS that provides the latest innovation in Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW). Sea Searcher™ forms part of Ultra’s flexible Integrated Sonar System (ISS) – an adaptable system that can be configured to meet individual customer and platform requirements.

Sea Searcher™ is a medium frequency hull mounted sonar, that provides active and passive surveillance and classification capabilities in a broad range of environmental conditions. It is capable of omni or sector transmission and can also provide automatic torpedo classification with low false alarm rate, mine and obstacle avoidance, underwater communications and optional automatic marine mammal detection.

Performance prediction features and an intuitive human computer interface optimises information gathering for faster and more efficient decision-making in a broad range of operational situations.


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