We are developing technologies that will uniquely position us to address our customers' most complex future priorities

Mission-focused innovation

We call our approach to developing the technologies and solutions of tomorrow 'mission-focused innovation'. What do we mean? It is about starting with our customers’ most challenging problems and working backwards to the technologies and solutions that will solve them.

To achieve this we need to understand what our customers really need, better than ever. That includes both their present needs, and then going one step further to understand their potential future needs. Only then can we build the technology for a safer tomorrow.

Our approach

Ultra has been innovating for over 100 years, and we continue to build innovation into all of our products, processes and culture. And as we continue to drive and deliver transformation, we are freeing up capacity to support increased investment in R&D.

Ultra Labs

Ultra Labs is our advanced concepts and emerging technologies group. We focus on anticipating the future needs of our customers and the rapid development of innovative multi-mission solutions. We collaborate with teams from across Ultra Group, wider industry and academia to research and develop solutions that will keep our customers one step ahead.

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