Decades of experience combined with soaring innovation to keep your operations safe.

With cyber-attacks on the rise and catastrophic consequences looming, data security and information assurance is more critical than ever before. Your organisation prioritizes data integrity and must deliver the robust, connected networks that form the backbone of high-stakes operations.

We possess decades of experience in delivering advanced, high-grade crypto, key management and security solutions that provide the highest level of protection against intrusion. Whether your organisation is running mission-critical military operations or enterprise-grade communications, you need a solution that protects everything from vital situational awareness to operators to uninterrupted business continuity.

Formerly known as Ultra CIS & Ultra 3eTI. We combine a well-established pedigree in delivering information assurance with ground-breaking technological solutions. We support secure communications in the environments where it matters most through the design, engineering, supply, and support of innovative end-to-end secure technologies.

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