National Security

Providing the highest level of security to protect a government’s most sensitive assets.

Trusted partner for critical missions

Decades of success delivering multi-purpose, field reprogrammable cryptographic solutions to the UK MoD, US DoD and FVEY partners. Our solutions are approved to protect data at the highest security levels and to meet the most challenging operational requirements.

Designed the right way

Whether low SWaP or form-fit-function replacement, Ultra I&C delivers best-of-breed encryption that saves valuable time, lowers integration and platform certification costs.

Future mode ready

Software defined modular technology within a certified COMSEC boundary allows for the easy upgrade of new algorithms, suites and protocols, deployed on the fly. Ultra I&C’s BID series encryptors provide multi-use support with a modular core to simplify future certification.

National Security crypto solutions

Ultra I&C is uniquely positioned to develop the most secure, interoperable cryptographic solutions for UK, US, and FVEYs partners.  Our cryptographic offerings possess the highest certifications, while addressing modularity, multi-purpose use, legacy support, field re-programmability and ruggedisation for deployment in the toughest of military environments.

High Grade Crypto Solutions

Ultra delivers High Grade capabilities that ensure end-to-end defences against current and future threats. Experts in bespoke High Grade crypto development, Ultra offers solutions and services at the highest tier of security.

High Grade Capabilities

CAPS certified, High Grade, multi-purpose, field reprogrammable cryptographic products for deployment in the toughest of military environments.

Cryptographic Interoperability

Software-defined encryption solutions with multiple profiles and form factors to achieve low SWaP or form-fit replacement of legacy solutions with the latest approved algorithms.

Embedded Solutions

Ultra supports system integrators in the embedment and certification of cryptographic capabilities, ensuring alignment with required security, environmental and TEMPEST standards to deliver the highest levels of security.

Design & Development

Our team of expert engineers utilise cutting edge technologies and standards to ensure our capabilities remain ahead of our adversaries and shape tomorrow’s technologies so they are secure and interoperable.

Past NCSC evaluated products and services include:

  • Ultra BID/2510/12 series
  • Ultra BID/2510/13 series
  • Ultra BID/2510/16 series
  • Ultra BID/2510/18 series
  • TEMPEST products

Type 1 Crypto Solutions

Ultra’s U.S. based High Assurance engineering team offers cryptographic solutions and services for the development of National Security Agency, Type 1 approved encryption and key management systems. 

Ultra supports clients in all aspects of the Type 1 certification process. This includes requirements and design to satisfy tailored Information Assurance Security Requirements Directive (IASRD), Technical Security Requirements Document (TSRD) and security verification testing.  Our decades of security engineering experience covers: Systems-of-Systems, End Cryptographic Units (ECUs), key loaders, modules and embedded cryptographic engines.

RESCUE Embedment Experts

Ultra is a proud contractor and integrator of U.S. Army Command, Control, Computers, Communications, Cyber, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C5ISR) Reprogrammable Single Chip Universal Encryptor (RESCUE) program.  The Army’s vision is to decrease the variety of cryptographic engines with a re-usable architecture to simplify certification, reduce development cost/timelines and improve operational response. 

The RESCUE architecture is a common universal encryptor solution that provides cryptographic services to a wide variety of devices.  Led by the US Army’s Combat Capabilities Development Command (DEVCOM) C5ISR Centre, RESCUE was developed for embedment into a wide array of communications devices such as radios, satellites, computers, networks, unmanned systems and munitions. 

As RESCUE development team members, Ultra supports the Army's vision of a common cryptographic core and offers a RESCUE-based System-on-Chip, modules and services to military system developers. Ultra RESCUE SoCs were recently selected for use in the U.S. Army's Next Generation Load Device - Medium (NGLD-M) program.

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