Missile Flight Instrumentation

Superior range safety and data acquisition/telemetry solutions for system validation and training of advanced airborne weapons and unmanned vehicles.

Ultra Intelligence & Communications' Missile Flight Instrumentation solutions deliver autonomous flight safety systems and telemetry products used in missile, drone target and projectile applications including the autonomous flight termination unit (AFTU), transponders, telemetry transmitters and receivers, data acquisition/encoding systems and integrated test instrumentation kits.

You will find our Missile Flight Instrumentation products on virtually all well-known strategic and tactical missile test vehicles, advanced supersonic drone targets, and next-generation hypervelocity platforms.

Flight Termination Receivers - FTR

Our Flight Termination Transponders and Receiver/Decoders (FTR) are designed for missile and target applications. Both analog tone-based and next generation digital flight termination models are available.

The FTRs meet the requirements of both RCC313 and RCC319. Each device employs the latest in components, circuitry and modern production processes to provide compatibility with stringent environmental, EMI and reliability requirements.

Radar Transponders

Our Radar Transponders are augmentation devices used to enhance the tracking capability of C-band and X-band radars on test ranges. Used primarily for range tracking and safety functions, these transponders are suitable for use on manned and unmanned airborne and sea-going vehicles including aircraft, missiles, space launch vehicles, sounding rockets and drone targets.

Telemetry Transmitters and Receivers

Our series of synthesized telemetry, digital and video transmitters are continuous wave (CW) FM transmitters at S-band and L-band, used primarily to relay telemetry data to a receiving ground station. The units are compact and desirable for those applications where DC power, size and weight are at a premium. Applications include missiles, aircraft, unmanned airborne vehicles (UAV), sounding rockets, target drones and space launch vehicles. These transmitters use the latest in modern semiconductor devices and circuitry. External frequency programming allows the selection of all standard IRIG frequencies in the 2.2 to 2.3 GHz band. They are all solid-state to provide a reliable product with extremely long operating life.

Data Acquisition Devices

Our data acquisition and encoding systems provide significant performance in reception, signal conditioning and encoding of all types of signals while used in missiles, airborne vehicles, mobile ground-based testing and other platforms that require ease of operation, flexibility, ruggedization and small packaging.

Integrated Test Instrumentation Kits

Our Integrated Telemetry Instrumentation Kit (iTIK) is a small, light-weight flight instrumentation product. The kit is a fully integrated system that includes a PCM Encoder and a Telemetry Transmitter, with optional GPS receiver and encryption modules. Benefits of this highly integrated module include:

  • Dramatic reduction in SWaP vs in­dividual telemetry components for compatibility with both large and small flight test vehicles
  • Provides a common system with maximum flexibility and scalability across platforms
  • Guaranteed interoperability of system components simplifies system integration
  • Provides forward and backward compatibility with current and future Flight Termination Systems
  • Easy migration between tone-based FTRs and EFTRs for enhanced mission security
  • Eliminates the need for cabling between system components

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