Tactical RF

Advanced miniature and rugged identification, guidance and telemetry solutions supporting military imperatives for positive identification, reduced fratricide and autonomous operations.

Having the information advantage can decide the outcome of an engagement. Our range of tactical systems solutions span Identification of Friend or Foe (IFF) systems, weapons guidance datalinks and radar altimeters. 

Identification Friend or Foe

With an emphasis on positive identification of airborne, sea-going and land-based vehicles, and the size reduction of these vehicles, our customers are in need of small form factor IFF solutions. This is particularly true in military theatres, with an increasing requirement to identify an object prior to engagement to reduce fratricide. Compatibility with legacy IFF systems (Modes 1,2,3A/C,S) is required, but US and foreign militaries are moving toward Mode 5, which requires data encryption that has traditionally required large crypto hardware. In addition to a requirement for identification via interrogation, military and civilian operators of small form factor aircraft are struggling with the need to comply with an FAA mandate to integrate Automatic Dependent Surveillance—Broadcast (ADS–B) on all aircraft.

Ultra I&C’s Micro IFF solution is Hawk IFF™ – click here for more information.

Radar Altimeter

Ultra provides advanced radar altimeter solutions capable of high accuracy altitude measurements in adverse conditions.  Our radar altimeters are used in UAVs, space launch applications, autonomous targets and towed targets. The linear FM (Chirped) Radar Altimeter (RALT) product line uses modular construction and advanced digital signal processing (DSP) techniques to provide a small volume, low power consumption, high performance RALT.

The Transmitter employs Adaptive Power Control (APC) to minimize transmit power over the full altitude range in adverse weather conditions. The DSP dynamically controls APC, transmitter sweep rate and deviation, to provide an accuracy of one foot or better at low altitudes. The RALT is programmable with features that are defined by the end-user.

Weapons Guidance Data Link - Precision Strike Sensor Core

We have developed an advanced programmable transceiver to facilitate radar frequency guidance and control as well as in-flight data link communications for conventional munitions including projectiles and powered rockets. Because of its small size and high performance, this link is also applicable to other mid-range applications such as SWARM vehicle communications in a contested environment.

The Precision Strike Sensor Core (PSSC) provides the path to jam resistant, radar-based target detection, identification, designation and terminal guidance for conventional and precision munitions. PSSC was purpose built for use with the guided 105mm to enable first shot accuracy for AC-130 gunships and has been integrated and demonstrated on advanced ground to ground artillery rounds.

The link was designed with very low Size, Weight, and Power and can endure the extremely high shock associated with firing an artillery round, as well as the radial g-forces associated with the spin rate of the round while in flight. Ranges of 30km have been demonstrated, with updates that will increase this to 40km. Gun launch setback acceleration up to 30,000 g’s has been demonstrated.

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