Torpedo defense

Protecting our naval fleets through leading ASW solutions.

Our torpedo defense systems are operational on naval fleets across the world. Drawing on our expertise in active and passive Anti-Submarine (ASW) sonar processing, we have designed a system with automated detection, classification and tracking of ASW threats.

Our integrated countermeasure launch system and expendable countermeasures to ensure the survivability of ships and submarines against a range of advanced torpedo threats.

Expendable Acoustic Device – EAD

Our Expendable Acoustic Device (EAD) is a programmable countermeasure that is used as part of our Surface Ship Torpedo Defence (SSTD) system.


The EAD is reprogrammable at dockside, prior to loading into the launcher or in-situ prior to entering a threat arena with an optional programmer. EAD launch may be initiated via the local control unit on each launcher or via a remote Launcher Control Unit (LCU) sited in the Operations Room or the Bridge.

Each EAD launcher, typically one fitted to port and one fitted to starboard, contains eight or ten EADS. The launchers fire their countermeasures using self-contained high-pressure air to simplify handling and installation when the systems are moved from ship to ship. Each barrel has an independent reservoir, which is sized to take account of the worst-case environmental conditions and ship attitude.


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SEA CRYPSIS submarine torpedo defense system


Our SEA CRYPSIS submarine torpedo defense system is a fully integrated solution for detection, classification, localisation and defence against threat torpedoes. To maximise evasion and survival, SEA CRYPSIS integrates with a host submarine’s combat system, providing an intuitive system that delivers a rapid response against torpedo attacks initiated from airborne, surface and sub-surface platforms.

Surface Ship Torpedo Defense – SSTD – SEA SENTOR

SEA SENTOR is an integrated, sense-to-effect solution which offers a comprehensive capability that maximises vessel survivability in torpedo engagements. The system employs advanced acoustic processing techniques to detect and classify torpedo threats at a tactically significant range with a very low False Alert Rate and high Probability of Correct Classification.

Sea Sentor


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Submarine Weapon Interface Management Systems – SWIM

Providing the safety interlock between Combat Management Systems (CMS) and weapon handling and launch systems which are installed on Royal Navy submarines.

Submarine Weapon Interface System


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Ultra Full Sense-to-Effect Torpedo Countermeasure Capability 2021 White Paper

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