Ultra Forensic Technology and ANDE Corporation announce their Strategic Alliance with the common goal of reducing firearm violence

21 July 2022

Partnership focuses on technology and processes to more effectively include Rapid DNA and improve firearm-related forensic analysis.

July 12, 2022 -- Ultra Forensic Technology (UFT), the world leader in firearm forensic solutions, is pleased to announce a strategic alliance with Rapid DNA identification system provider, ANDE Corporation (ANDE). With this alliance, the two organizations are introducing an important project that has the potential to accelerate and improve firearm-related forensic analysis using Rapid DNA. UFT and ANDE, who offer best-in-class forensic solutions to the market today, are jointly launching the Advanced Integration of DNA in Firearm Forensics (AIDFF) program. UFT and ANDE are seeking interested public safety agencies and academic institutions who wish to collaborate on this critical topic.

“I believe that our joint AIDFF initiative will help agencies optimize their forensic capabilities, and empower their investigators with more and better firearm forensic information,” said Alvaro Venegas, UFT’s President.  “The leading engineers and scientists from our respective organizations will collaborate with public safety professionals and the academic world in order to strengthen firearm forensic analysis results and, ultimately, help law enforcement agencies solve more crimes.”

Early experience shows that the use of Rapid DNA with firearm forensics can be a game changer. However, effective DNA processing from firearm cases is often intricate and challenging. The novel tools and processes offered through this program will go a long way in helping public safety experts overcome these challenges and deliver better investigative outcomes. Ultimately, the benefits of these tools and processes should provide law enforcement professionals with more timely investigative leads and prevent gun offenders from committing more crimes.

“There are several truly outstanding experts currently working in public safety agencies. Unfortunately, many of these agencies suffer from heavy workload and budget constraints, which inhibits their ability to truly achieve their goals of preventing gun crime and protecting their communities. UFT and ANDE’s collaboration with law enforcement professionals is a prime example of public/private partnerships built to serve the public interest,” said George Heinrichs, CEO of ANDE. “UFT is the world leading provider of firearm forensic solutions – it is a privilege to work together to leverage the power of high-performance technology to help reduce firearm violence.”

Combining ANDE’s Rapid DNA solution with UFT’s pioneering suite of firearm forensic products and services is a major step toward equipping law enforcement agencies with efficient cutting-edge technology for crime-fighting solutions.


General Enquiries

Stacy Stern,


Vice President Sales and Marketing, UFT

[email protected]


AIDFF Enquiries

Agencies Interested in Participating in the Advanced Integration of DNA in Firearm Forensics (AIDFF) project, please send an email to:  [email protected] with your contact information and the project team will be in touch.


About ANDE Corporation

ANDE is the global leader in Rapid DNA. With a mission to use Rapid DNA to create a safer world, ANDE’s pioneering work is having major impacts in a wide range of law enforcement, military, and disaster victim identification applications in the U.S. and internationally. ANDE was founded in 2004 and is headquartered in Colorado. ANDE® and ANDE RAPID DNA™ are registered trademarks of ANDE Corporation.  For more information about the ANDE Rapid DNA Identification System, please visit www.ANDE.com


About Ultra Forensic Technology

Ultra Forensic Technology is a recognized leader in providing innovative technology and sustainable solutions that help Law Enforcement & Border Security agencies around the world prevent and solve crime. Ultra Forensic Technology pioneered automated ballistics identification and analysis over 30 years ago and continues to be a leader in forensic ballistics and firearms identification technologies that promote a safer society. Forensic Technology created the Integrated Ballistics Identification System (IBIS) in 1991. IBIS technology can find the “needle in the haystack”, suggesting possible matches between pairs of spent bullets and cartridge cases, at speeds well beyond human capacity, in order to help forensic experts give detectives more timely information about crimes, guns, and suspects. For more information about Ultra Forensic Technology, please visit ultra-forensictechnology.com.


About Ultra

Ultra provides application-engineered solutions in the key elements of mission critical and intelligent systems. Through innovative problem solving, using sustainable capabilities, and evolving technologies, we deliver outstanding solutions to our customers’ most complex problems in defense, security, critical detection, and control environments. For more information about Ultra, please visit www.ultra.group.

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