Ultra Partners with Sierra Nevada Corporation to Deliver Crypto System on a Chip (SoC) for U.S. Army’s NGLD-M Program

12 October 2021

Ultra will provide an integral cryptographic component for the Next Generation Load Device – Medium (NGLD-M) for the protection, storage and distribution of sensitive information

  • NSA Type 1 security architecture and protection
  • Key player in cryptographic modernization initiatives required by the U.S. Army

Tampa, Florida: Ultra is pleased to announce that its crypto SoC approach has been chosen as an integral component of Sierra Nevada Corporation’s replacement for the legacy AN/PYQ-10 Simple Key Loader (SKL) devices. Sierra Nevada was awarded a position on a new $774m potential 10-year contract to provide soldiers with updated cryptographic key loading devices to help secure joint service network systems.

By leveraging a long and productive relationship with Sierra Nevada Corporation, Ultra has proven its capability to store, manage and safely distribute cryptographic material resulting in Ultra’s crypto SoC providing the capability for protection, storage and transfer of electronic cryptographic keys for Sierra Nevada’s NGLD-M device.

The NGLD-M is the US Army’s initiative to modernize its cryptographic infrastructure and prepare for mounting cyber and electronic warfare threats. NGLD-M will allow operators to employ electronic cryptographic keys while achieving the highest levels of security, including NSA Type 1. This encryption and distribution reinforce the cryptographic landscape by helping to ensure that red forces, cybercriminals and foreign states cannot compromise the cryptographic keys that form the heart of NGLD-M. The final device will be ruggedized, battery-powered and hand-held for deployment in a range of operating conditions.

With an NGLD-M device, specially trained operators will be able to reconfigure cryptographic products, generate keys over a network and download software remotely. This capability boosts situational awareness across all services, government agencies and allied forces.

With the safety and efficacy of the warfighter top of mind, Ultra and Sierra Nevada Corporation stand to deliver an NGLD-M device that will protect operational environments from the escalating threat level.


For additional information, please contact:

Lori Thompson

SVP, Strategy, BD and Marketing

Ultra Intelligence and Communications


[email protected]


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