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The smart people behind the smart people

Every day all over the globe, people are working to make the world safer and more secure. And behind those people is Ultra. 

Innovating today for a safer tomorrow is the reason Ultra exists – and our engineers play a critical role in executing this vision. 

Ultra provides application-engineered solutions in the key elements of mission critical and intelligent systems. We are recruiting Software Engineers, Systems Engineers and Electrical Engineers across the globe to work on a wide range of technologies in defence, security, critical detection and control environments. See our latest engineering jobs here.

Whether you’re an apprentice, graduate, senior engineer or head of department, as an Ultra engineer, you will be part of a world leading team creating technologies and capabilities at the cutting edge of innovation. We’re proud of our heritage at Ultra, but keeping pace with the world’s phenomenal rate of change leaves no room for nostalgia. Our highly skilled engineers are tasked not just with keeping pace but with reading the road ahead so that we’re the ones setting the pace.

Mission-focused innovation

Innovation is central to Ultra’s purpose - it is how we develop and deliver the solutions that our customers need. We call our approach ‘mission-focused innovation’. What does this mean? It means we first focus on our customers’ most challenging problems, and then work backwards to the technologies and solutions that will solve them.

Our long-term innovation agenda is driven by Ultra Labs - our advanced concepts and emerging technologies network. They focus on anticipating the future needs of our customers and the rapid development of innovative multi-mission solutions. As a global network of thinkers, engineers and scientists, they collaborate with teams across our different Business Units, wider industry and academia to research and develop solutions that keep our customers one step ahead.

As an Ultra engineer you will have the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues on cutting-edge mission-focused projects, and contribute to initiatives such as Ultra Labs to make a real difference.


Diversity plays a big part in our innovation, too. When you apply to work at Ultra, we aren’t concerned about how you look or speak. We want people who aren’t tied to a particular school of thought or suite of tools. People whose thinking will bring us something original – or even disruptive. We’re renowned for solving our customers’ most complex problems, and the greater diversity of brilliant brains we have here, the better.

Benefits, Reward & Development

The way we operate, lead and reward our people is centered around our ASPIRE values: Agile, Sharing, Performing, Innovating, Rewarding and Empowering. These values shape our actions and strategy to achieve our goals and vision for our employees, customers, communities, shareholders and suppliers. Find out more about our values here.

We’ll invest in you. Through our specialised learning & development and mentoring programmes we are committed to building you both personally and professionally with many opportunities to achieve industry-recognised qualifications throughout your career at Ultra. 

Our global benefits can be found here.

What is it like working at Ultra? 


Ultra is a steep learning curve – one that takes off the day you step in the door. Time and again new starters are thrilled by the responsibility and autonomy that comes every engineer’s way here. 

We’re a big company with over 4,500 employees and listed on the London Stock Exchange, but we’re still small enough that everyone can make a big difference: Hannah Goold, a graduate engineer in Ultra Sonar Systems, puts it, “Ultra’s small enough to be a family: they trust you and look after you. Everyone wants to help. Senior management have an open-door policy, too.”

Our teams love the variety of work. You’ll be solving different challenging problems all the time and won’t ever be short of work. “In a previous job, I worked on the same project for five years, using the same technology stack,” says Jen Whittlesea, Senior Cyber Developer. “At Ultra, I’ve not worked on any one project for more than a couple of months.” And we’re agile across the whole business – our strategy to become ONE Ultra has prioritised that – which means there are no siloed stumbling blocks or rusty chains of command.

One of the reasons we have such a good reputation with our customers is that we take great pride in always seeing things through to the end. “As an engineer it’s fulfilling to be involved throughout the whole life cycle of a product,” says John Bowe, Ultra Cyber’s Head of Software. “You’re there from the twinkle in the eye, to the bid acceptance, to the preparation, development and customer acceptance, and then production. It’s great seeing something in operation making a difference and knowing your contribution helped to see it over the line. The culture of continuous improvement that management have embedded in the company in recent years will only enhance this already well-ingrained mindset.”


We really want you to be able to shine in this application process so we can see what your strengths are.  We can be flexible around our process.  Please email for an informal chat about how we can give you the best opportunity to show us your suitability

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