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At Ultra, we believe everyone is entitled to quality education and a rewarding career. We partner with colleges, schools and STEM organisations to increase access to education and to support programmes that inspire passion for STEM careers.

Ultra’s STEM framework, called USTEM, is designed to inspire young people to explore and ultimately realise the benefits of a STEM-related career.

Jobs related to STEM form the backbone of our organisation. They are also at the core of solving many of the societal challenges the world faces. 

Improving access to STEM careers in under-represented groups

Engineers will shape our future, solving the world’s greatest challenges. Ultra has a critical role to play in growing diversity in STEM careers by increasing diversity of our workforce.We want to see more young people from under-represented groups consider a STEM career. Ultra’s STEM outreach will use an inclusive approach to improve and promote access to careers information and guidance, striving to reach children who don’t know about engineering.

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Developing your career with USTEM

USTEM provides a framework that shares our expertise, passion, insight and opportunities. Through partnerships and collaborations, we will inspire and inform more young people from all backgrounds to choose a career in engineering.

Encouraging the future generation of scientists, technologists, engineers and mathematicians.

Engineers imagine, design, and create the future.

They can make a difference through improving lives, preventing disease, reducing poverty, protecting our planet and building a safer tomorrow.

Our goal at Ultra is to spark the imagination of young people, their parents and teachers through engineering.

Through our brilliant people, Ultra’s mission is to inspire a new generation of technicians, engineers and scientists and to encourage:

  • More young people to undertake UK apprenticeships, training and qualifications
  • Positively impact the communities we operate in through delivery and support of STEM initiatives
  • Become a valuable contributor and champion STEM education

Our STEM framework

USTEM for you and your community

The more STEM-related influences and experiences a young person can gather, the more likely they are to feel comfortable with science and engineering and see them as useful and important, for themselves and society.

Our ambition is to inform and inspire young people and families, encouraging growth of future generations into STEM careers.

The USTEM framework will challenge stereotypes of who an engineer is, celebrating and driving greater representation in the engineering workforce. We support colleges, schools, and partner with STEM organisations to achieve this collective aim, striving to ensure that no-one is left behind.

Ultra’s USTEM Ambassadors are trained so they are confident and able to engage young people with modern engineering. They take part in established and rewarding volunteer programmes, teaching training and presentation skills.

They make a powerful impact on the lives of young people by:

Supporting learning – demonstrating how the subject knowledge, skills and behaviours they learn in the classroom are important for the workplace.
Illuminating careers – sharing their journey and experience to promote our sector, raising our profile in the community, and supporting our recruitment efforts.
Raising aspirations – showing young people future opportunities available to them, and empowering them to achieve their potential regardless of their background through inspiring and diverse role models.

Working at Ultra

Every day we work to create an inspiring, inclusive and dynamic work environment that attracts, develops and retains the best diverse talent:

Investment in Research and Development
Defence platforms using Ultra technologies
Ultra employees across the UK, USA, Canada and Australia

Explore Ultra

The smart people behind the smart people

Ultra provides application-engineered solutions in the key elements of mission critical and intelligent systems. Through innovative problem solving, using sustainable capabilities, and evolving technologies, we deliver outstanding solutions to our customers’ most complex problems in defence, security, critical detection and control environments. We support a wide range of technologies on many of the world’s long-term military programmes.

Innovating today for a safer tomorrow

The battlefield has changed. Threats are growing in size, sophistication and activity. To respond, our customers need solutions that are more connected, more agile and more intelligent - giving them the ability to make effective decisions on time, every time.

Find out more about the cognitive and integrated technologies our R&D teams are building to deliver decision advantage to our servicemen and women.

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