Social responsibility

A Positive Force

At Ultra, we believe that sustainability is a vital part of delivering for all our stakeholders. Through aligning our passionate and dedicated employees, and focusing on corporate responsibility at every level of our organization we will ensure we are fulfilling our mission to ‘Innovate today for a safer tomorrow’ and have an even more positive impact on the world around us.

To highlight and better communicate the importance in our decision making of the impact on our workplace and the environment, we developed our ‘Positive Force’ sustainability plan which delivers for each of our stakeholders:

Ultra’s ‘Positive Force’ sustainability plan focuses on three critical areas. For more details please visit our latest Sustainability Report and Annual Report.

Supporting our people

Our employee goal at Ultra is to create an inclusive, inspiring and dynamic work environment that attracts, develops and retains the best diverse talent. Understanding what motivates our employees and how we can support their wellbeing helps us to provide a supportive workplace with opportunities that enrich skills and experience.

Protecting our planet

Ultra is committed to continuous improvement in our environmental performance and compliance with all environmental laws. We aspire to minimise our environmental footprint by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, decreasing waste, and limiting excess energy and water use at our sites.

Giving back

Ultra actively supports the local communities in which we operate. We believe that by working with local partners towards shared goals, and by empowering our teams to engage with local people, we can create lasting positive contributions that promote social and economic development.

Social Responsibility Policy

It is Ultra’s policy to conduct its activities in a responsible manner, having regard to our effect on the environment and the communities in which we operate. Whilst continuing to create and deliver value, we recognise that we need to protect our planet and look after our employees, customers, and communities, for a safer tomorrow. 

CSR Committee

Our CSR Committee was established in December 2019, and reports into the Executive team. The Committee formally presents to the Executive team at least twice per annum and presents to the Board annually. The Committee comprises a diverse group of representatives from across the business, demonstrating our commitment to improve collaboration, share ideas and best practice and embed sustainability throughout the Group. Local CSR Committees have also recently been established at operating business level to improve alignment, communication and engagement forward with greater employee involvement supporting positive change and enabling us to meet our sustainability goals and targets.

Overall responsibility for sustainability within Ultra sits with the Board of Directors. The Board believes a solid governance reporting framework is essential to the long-term sustainability of the business. Our CSR Committee develops strategy recommendations on sustainability for the Executive team to review and incorporate into Group strategy. The Executive team recommends the Group strategy to the Board for review and approval and develops actions to deliver it.

Main responsibilities

The primary role of the CSR Committee is to assist the Executive team and Board in:

  • understanding the views of stakeholders of the Company in relation to Environmental and Social (E&S) matters;
  • understanding the Company’s impact on communities and the environment and seek to reduce impact where possible;
  • ensuring the processes and mechanisms used by the Company to engage with key stakeholders in relation to E&S matters are fit for purpose and assist in contributing to a wider society;
  • ensuring a Group-wide approach to CSR strategy implementation, promoting and sharing CSR best practice and lessons learnt across our businesses;
  • Driving group-wide initiatives regarding environmental impact reduction and sustainability measures and targets;
  • Overseeing activities regarding charitable donations and Group-wide community initiatives;
  • Reporting to the Executive team and the Board on the Company’s performance against sustainability goals and targets

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