Ultra I&C announces new telemetry and range safety solutions

24 October 2022

LANCASTER, PA—October 24, 2022—Ultra Intelligence & Communications announces the launch of two new solutions for telemetry and range safety, a new Autonomous Flight Termination Unit (AFTU) and a Digital C-band Radar Transponder series.

The new Ultra AFTU is a fully configurable termination unit implementing the latest hardware and software technologies to provide a high-performing, reliable, long-life product. Leveraging decades of qualified flight termination, instrumentation, and range safety experience, the Ultra AFTU is an extremely low SWAP unit, capable of handling the harshest operational environments.

Ultra’s AFTU autonomously makes flight termination decisions easier by utilizing configurable, software-based rules. If the platform goes off course or exhibits anomalous behavior potentially endangering public safety, the AFTU detects the problem and autonomously issues a command to terminate the flight. The AFTU meets all operational and environmental specifications of space launch vehicles, Uncrewed Air Systems (UAS), missiles, and any other platforms requiring range or flight safety measures.

The AFTU is fully compliant to all applicable RCC 319-19 specifications, without exception. The solution has no single-point failure and is remotely accessible for configuration and status monitoring. The Ultra AFTU includes five customizable I/O banks with hardware or software cross-strapping, providing maximum flexibility for every platform.

The new Ultra Digital Radar Transponder is a miniature device that enhances the capabilities of tracking radars and enables precision tracking of aircraft, rockets, missiles, UAS and targets. Delivering higher performance at a lower cost, this innovative solution provides a solid-state design in a smaller footprint with an extremely long operating life.

The Ultra Digital Radar Transponder offers fully programmable features such as receive and transmit frequencies, delay, and code spacing in a form factor suitable for all platforms, and is available in a range of transmit power outputs, including 50W, 100W, 200W, and 400W increments. All variants are packaged in the same form factor meeting the IRIG 262-14 20W package specification (3.5” x 3.0” x 1.5”) using the latest in RF technology and modular design.

“Ultra is at the forefront of innovation when it comes to providing highly sophisticated and reliable digital RF, telemetry and range safety solutions,” said Bill Fejes, president of Ultra’s Specialist RF division. “These new advanced solutions will improve the safety and overall performance of telemetry systems. We are looking forward to working alongside our launch customers to provide solutions tailored to specific applications.

Ultra’s solutions for telemetry and range safety will be on display at the International Telemetry Conference (ITC) October 25 to 27 in Glendale, Arizona.


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About Ultra

Ultra, an Advent company, provides application-engineered solutions in the key elements of mission critical and intelligent systems. Through innovative problem solving, using sustainable capabilities and evolving technologies, we deliver outstanding solutions to our customers’ most complex problems in defense, security, critical detection and control environments.


The Intelligence & Communications strategic business unit of Ultra provides a wide range of communications, specialist radio frequency, command & control and cyber solutions.  www.ultra.group

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