Ultra supporting Moisson Montreal

24 June 2020

The Ultra COVID-19 Fund donated $1,000 to support Moisson Montreal with their activities in the local community during the pandemic.

Moisson Montreal is located in the community where Ultra is located in Montreal serving 257 local community organizations on a regular basis. Ultra’s employees organise a foodbank drive every year to support the charity as well as having teams volunteer to help the community by assembling food baskets. This has been even more important during the COVID-19 pandemic as so many individuals and families have seen their resources reduced significantly.

Moisson Montreal:

  • Receive 640,951 requests for food assistance per month
  • Serve 507,357 meals and snacks
  • Offer food pantry programs from which 74,369 total individuals benefit (35.8% of those are children)
  • Distribute 15.6 million kilos of foodstuffs and other basic products worth close to $86 M
  • Work closely with more than 300 agri-food businesses to effectively collect their donations
  • Welcome 11,012 volunteers that put in more than 97,352 hours to help continue its mission

For more information on Moisson Montreal's work, please see: https://www.moissonmontreal.org/en/


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