Ultra Electronics, ATS contracted to provide 22 ADSIs for Polish IAMD Shelters

21 June 2019

Supporting the larger WISLA project, Ultra will provide an initial lot of twenty-two Small Form Factor (SFF) Air Defense Systems Integrator (ADSI®) kits to enhance the Integrated Air and Missile Defense (IAMD) Battle Command System (IBCS) next-generation capabilities for Poland’s air and missile defense program. The IBCS engagement operations centers will be integrated with IBCS battle management software that maximizes the combat potential of sensors and weapon systems. IBCS engagement operations centers and network relays will be transported by Polish Jelcz vehicles. IBCS creates a paradigm shift for IAMD by replacing legacy stove-piped systems with a next-generation, net-centric approach to better address the evolving complex threat. The system integrates disparate radars and weapons to construct a far more effective IAMD enterprise. IBCS delivers a single integrated air picture with unprecedented accuracy and broadens surveillance and protection areas. With its truly open systems architecture, IBCS allows incorporation of current and future sensors and weapon systems and interoperability with joint C2 and the ballistic missile defense system.

Ultra looks forward to supplying more best of class tactical data link processors and Command and Control systems like the SFF ADSI to the Polish military and supporting the IBCS program as it continues to evolve.

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