Health and wellbeing

Mental Health & Wellbeing 

Across many of our sites, we have mental health first aiders or Health, Security and Wellness committees which are there to encourage people to talk more freely about mental health. We also offer employee assistance programmes to employees, which enable them to access advice and counselling 24/7. Mental health and wellbeing are important to us. We aim to promote early intervention which enables quicker recovery, reduces stigma and creates a positive culture.

Flexible working

Our business provides tools, programmes and support that enable colleagues to balance their work‑life with their commitments, supporting career development opportunities at each life stage.

In 2020 the Group rolled out a global flexible working policy (for roles in which this can be done). It includes a common way to conduct risk assessments to ensure that we set our employees up effectively and safely to work from home and a standard application for a change to current working practices.

To underpin this new policy, we also support employees mental and physical wellbeing; training employees and managers on how to make virtual/remote working individually and in teams work effectively. Ultra offers a range of health and wellbeing benefits, depending where our employees are based, benefits include discounted rates at gyms and health clubs, health screening, private health insurance, and private dental in a number of locations globally.

Health & Safety  

A healthy, committed workforce, working in a safe environment, is necessary for a successful and sustainable business.

The well-being and safety of Ultra’s employees remains a vital priority for the Board, Executive Team and all business leadership, not just as an ethical pillar of social responsibility, but because a healthy, valued team working in a safe environment is a foundation-stone of high performance. We are committed to creating a culture that allows our colleagues to reach their potential, within an inclusive and supportive environment.

Across the Group, the businesses manage a wide range of safety risks. These range from office employees, manufacturing employees and employees providing services at customer sites, including military bases and platforms. The safety of the products and services provided to users and customers is also of key importance to Ultra. The individual operating businesses ensure that the appropriate legal and ethical levels of safety are met across a product’s life cycle, with particular emphasis on the manufacturing, in-service and disposal phases.

All operating businesses are required to adhere to a written health and safety policy, fully compliant for the jurisdictions in which we operate, with local management owning the day-to-day health and safety risk management for the people in their charge. Our business units manage a range of safety risks, from office and light manufacturing environments, to providing services at customer sites or units, including military bases and platforms. Business units report safety-related incidents and KPIs covering lost time accidents and externally reportable incidents, including rates per 1,000 employees as an embedded part of the monthly Business Performance Report which is reviewed by the Executive Team. Safety performance and strategy are reviewed by the Board as a specific concern annually, and safety is the first item on the agenda of every Board and Executive Team meeting.

The safety of the products and services provided to users and customers is also a key priority for Ultra. Each business ensures the appropriate legal and ethical levels of safety are met across a product’s lifecycle, with particular emphasis on the manufacturing, in-service and disposal phases. 

Ultra’s continuous safety improvement activities are focused on ensuring that the Group’s facilities, infrastructure, processes, products and services are as safe as reasonably practical for Ultra’s employees, visitors, customers and users.

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